Fovéa : un objet-frontière pour rendre visible l’engagement des étudiants



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Communication

Nom de la rencontre: Colloque SALTISE

Lieu: Montréal, Canada


Résumé: Based on the principles of learning analysis, we have designed, developed and evaluated a tool allowing teachers to support their decisions with data provided in real time by the students. We have documented the variation of student engagement and explored the potential for post-secondary professors. One of us used the tool in her classrooms, and we present to understand the repercussion of such a tool in the classroom : How does the collection of data from students on a weekly basis and the presentation of the data in real time fit into their teaching intervention? We documented the place of such a tool, a boundary object offering a common space for teachers and their students, and we discovered the potential of the tool for educational intervention.