Interest and disinterest from college students for higher education in Sciences

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État de publication: Publiée (2016 )

Titre du livre: New Developments in Science and Technology Education

Éditeur: Springer

Lieu: Pays-Bas


Intervalle de pages: 41-49

Résumé: Although science plays an important role in society, a lack of interest of the youth for scientific studies is currently observed worldwide. Indeed, the proportion of science students in universities has been continuously decreasing for the last 15 years and an increasing gap is observed between the social demand and the scientific expertise. Several reasons influence the youth in their choice of program. Beyond personality and taste, factors related to interest for science can influence positively or negatively their enrollment in a college Science program. To bring to light the most striking factors, we questioned more than 1000 students of various pre-university college programs to probe their interest and motivation for sciences and to understand what had incited them to enroll in Sciences or not in college. We will present factors associated with the interest or the disinterest of students for higher education in sciences. We will consider the influence of faculty on students’ engagement, as well as self-efficacy, self-determination, amotivation and grade motivation.