Refining design principles for scalable innovation networks through international comparative analysis of innovation learning architectures



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Paper session: Drawing on the Power of Networks for School Improvement

Nom de la rencontre: Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Lieu: New York, États-Unis

Résumé: Multi-school research-practice partnership networks to innovate and address problems of practice have been adopted in many countries to support teacher learning and/or leadership development for curriculum reform and pedagogical change. Changes in one part of the education system necessarily create tension at different levels within and outside of the school. The Architectures for Learning (AfL) that exist to connect stakeholders within and across schools have been found to play an important role in influencing the scalability of change in such networks. This paper presents the analysis results of the AfL and innovation outcomes in three innovation networks, located respectively in Singapore, Quebec and Hong Kong, and discusses their design implications for scalability at network, school-district and school levels.