Developing emotional consciousness in teachers through a professional development program



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Symposium « The motivating sphere of consciousness in/as praxis: empirical studies »

Nom de la rencontre: 5th International Congress of ISCAR

Lieu: Québec, Canada


Résumé: In the context of a research program aimed at studying classroom interactions in high schools, 45 teachers and their students were filmed for two to four periods over the course of a school year (Lessard & Poulin, submitted). Although the data was initially collected and analyzed in a post-positivist paradigm, it was revisited using cultural-historical activity theory. As part of the professional development program, the researchers met the teachers for entry and exit interviews. Audio data was also collected each time researchers met with teachers to provide feedback on videotaped classroom interactions (2-4 times/year). The program integrated, on the inter-psychological level, coaching mediated by instruments to facilitate the teachers’ learning of new means of promoting emotional support for their students. Results from this study show how this program contributed to help the teachers to gain perspective on their own actions and with regards to the role played by emotions and the importance of emotional support in the learning process. It is particularly important in this context where teachers interact with students showing learning difficulties. This praxis showed the importance of the relationship between the motivational sphere of consciousness and the learning process. The coaching solicited both tools and instruments to raise teacher consciousness with regards to this relationship. Results show how teachers progressively reused instruments learned through the course of the coaching activity in their interactions with their students to promote learning. The link between coaching and teaching activities will be discussed.