The Medium-term Effects of the Collective Reflexive Coaching Device Catching Your Breath on ECEC Managers Well-being During COVID-19 Pandemic

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État de publication: publié

Titre des actes: The IAFOR International Conference on Arts & Humanities – Hawaii 2023 Official Conference

Éditeur: IAFOR Research Archive

Lieu: Hawaii, États-Unis


Résumé: The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the workload of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) managers and decreased their well-being at work (Bigras et al., 2021). Quebec’s ECEC managers expressed a need for support in dealing with the challenges encountered during the pandemic (Bigras et al., 2021). A collective reflexive coaching device, called Catching Your Breath, was then developed, implemented, and evaluated (Bigras et al., 2021; Fortin et al., 2022). The present study evaluates its effects, a year later, on work well-being (self-compassion, work-related stress, burnout, depressive symptoms, work engagement) using a quasi-experimental design (pre-post) including a control group (n = 25). The experimental group (n = 22) met monthly (3h) between February and June 2021. Quantitative data were collected from an online questionnaire completed in February 2021, June 2021, and March 2022. ANOVAs repeated measure indicated that almost of control group scores worsened after one year, while the experimental group scores improved. An interaction between the time and the group is significant for the variables well-being at work (F(2,44)=9.465, p <0.001), and three subscales, self-compassion (F[2, 44] = 3.331, p<0.05), and two subscales, dedication from work engagement scale, emotional exhaustion burn out scale, work-stress related (F[2, 44] = 6.117, p<0.01), and depressive symptoms (F[2, 44] = 3.822, p<0.05. These results suggest that this device has positive effects that were maintained a year later. It seems that supporting ECEC managers, with a device like Catching Your Breath, can mitigate the negative influences of the pandemic on their well-being