Critical thinking, creativity, and agency for the development of regenerative cultures

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Éditeur: ResearchGate

Lieu: Nice, France

Résumé: This research paper emphasizes the significance of nurturing critical thinking and agency among citizens to drive the transformation of cultures of resource exploitation towards more regenerative practices in education and business. Drawing on cultural historical activity theory, the paper argues that promoting critical thinking enables individuals to challenge existing norms and envision sustainable alternatives, while agency empowers individuals to actively participate in shaping their social and cultural environments. The paper underscores the need for educational and business environments that foster critical thinking and agency and suggests strategies such as collaborative and participatory learning, diverse perspectives in the curriculum, real-world problem-solving, and sustainability education. By integrating cultural historical activity theory into educational and business practices, it is posited that individuals can develop the skills and agency necessary to actively engage in transforming cultures of (human) resource exploitation towards more regenerative practices, benefiting not only the present generation but also future generations and the overall sustainability of our planet.