Research Partnerships and CHAT as a praxis in the field: giving voice to the emotional experience of participants to understand the expansion of a transformative activity



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Keynote speaker

Nom de la rencontre: International Society for Cultural-Historical Activity Research (ISCAR)

Lieu: Ioannina, Grèce


Résumé: We will share and reflect on issues encountered while implementing CHAT in praxis during a seven-year research partnership between our university, the Ministry of Education and a school district. The setting of the crisis in the context we address is rooted in the implementation of a top-down science curriculum where most teachers resist engaging in professional development. Giving voice to the emotional experiences of the participants and documenting expansive resolution of conflicts of motives led us to understand how agency emerges and is key to the transformation of professional development of teachers and other members of the school community. Some answers could help us to better understand relations between emotions, agentive transformative actions and the concept of perezhivanie as an act of experiencing in praxis.