The Nature of Knowledge and Creativity in a Technological Context in Music and Mathematics: Implications in Combining Vygotsky and Piaget’s Models

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État de publication: Publiée (2018 ,4 Septembre )

Titre du livre: Creativity and Technology in Mathematics Education

Éditeur: Springer

Lieu: Lausanne, Suisse


Intervalle de pages: 479-505

ISBN: 978-3-319-72379-2

Résumé: Piaget and Vygotsky’s prolific work continues to inspire many researchers in several areas of education. While these two authors are often referred to concurrently, sometimes as antagonists and sometimes as complementary theories from a developmental perspective, the debates regarding their epistemological stand and the interpretation of their research remain open. We propose a transdisciplinary approach to combining these two views of learning. Based on the results of two studies bringing technology and creativity together in music and mathematical education, we more specifically examine the transformation that occurs in knowledge when using technologies as a creative process for learners.