Early childhood educators’ use of language support practices with 4 year old children in daycare centers

Article de revue


État de publication: Publiée (2010 )

Nom de la revue: Early Childhood Education Journal

Volume: 37

Numéro: 5

Intervalle de pages: 371-379

URL: http://www.springerlink.com/openurl.asp?genre=article&id=doi:10.1007/s10643-009-0355-7

Résumé: The importance of encouraging language skills in early childhood has been well documented. Educators who are responsible for children in daycare services have many opportunities to use rich and stimulating educational practices that support language acquisition. The purpose of this study was to assess the language-support practices used by 22 educators in ECE centers with 174 children (87 girls and 87 boys) aged 55.7 months on average (SD = 4.2). The Teacher Interaction and Language Rating Scale developed by Girolametto et al. (Teacher interaction and language rating scale, Hanen Centre, Toronto, 2000) was translated and adapted for use in French. Analyses reveal the heterogeneity of language support provided to 4-year-old children attending early childhood education centers in Québec (Canada). Results are discussed in relation to the importance of the educational setting and specific training on language skill development provided to educators around promoting language skills in children, a fundamental prerequisite for educational success.