Revisiting the challenges linked to parenting and home-school partnerships at the high school level



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Paper session: Family Engagement in Secondary and Postsecondary Schools

Nom de la rencontre: American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

Lieu: Washington, États-Unis


Résumé: The aim of this paper is to address possible tensions that emerged in the relations between parents and adolescents and between home/school and parents/teachers, and 2) to provide avenues to support parents, adolescents and teachers in engaging in individual and collective transformation processes for positive and effective relations associated with student learning. Anchored into two streams of researches (Hoover-Dempsey & Sandler, 1997; Kreider et al., 2007) and based on the use of the Cultural-Historical Activity Theory, we analyzed qualitative data from a first study. Findings revealed primary contradictions regarding the rules and division of labor poles of an activity system (CHAT theory). Promising avenues for intervention will be discussed.