Russian contribution to Vygotsky’s heritage



État de publication: publié

Type de présentation: Paper presented at Paper Session 1, part 2/2

Nom de la rencontre: 5th International Congress of ISCAR

Lieu: Québec, Canada


Résumé: he Centre of Research and Intervention for Student and School Success (CRI_SAS) has launched an international Francophone journal, which exceptionally accept English written articles, on innovation. All published articles are inspired, one way or another, by Vygotsky’s theoretical concepts. Thus, this scientific journal publishes texts explicitly linked to historico-sociocultural theories. The ISCAR 2017 conference was a great opportunity to invite Russian scholars to contribute to a Special Issue on Vygotsky's influence in sociocultural theories. More than 20 Russians have contributed. Sylvie Barma (Laval University) and Viktor Zarestkii (MSUPE) are co-editor.