International Perspectives on Student Outcomes and Homework: Family-School-Community Partnerships



État de publication: Publiée (2009 ,4 Juin )

Éditeur: Routledge

Lieu: Londres, Royaume-Uni

Nombre de pages: 192

ISBN: 978-0415479509

Résumé: This synthesis of the latest knowledge on homework presents unique findings by researchers from various countries and diverse professional backgrounds. It approaches the topic of homework from several perspectives, including - its political and cultural contexts - aspects of parental involvement and parent-child relationships - school contexts and practices - observable impacts It highlights homework-specific concerns and considers two principal solutions. Firstly, support initiatives from schools and communities. Secondly, improved homework design, aimed at attracting greater student interest and promoting communication within families. Recommendations for practice and future research are also discussed. A political analysis shows that current confusion about homework might stem from a tension between two prevailing ideologies, one stressing students’ improved achievement in competing economies, and the other privileging collaboration between the school, family and community. This book considers how both teachers and parents can ensure a balance between the child’s school life and his or her overall development. Certain community resources are available to parents and students, but these in no way absolve parents of the responsibility to maintain an interest in their child’s school activities.