Teacher Education and Professional Development: Ten Years of ICT Integration and What?

Article de revue


État de publication: Publiée (2008 Mars )

Nom de la revue: Revista Electrónica de Investigación Educativa

Volume: 10

Numéro: 1

Intervalle de pages: 1-24

ISBN: 1607-4041

URL: http://www.redalyc.org/pdf/155/15510108.pdf

Résumé: This paper reports on designs for effective uses of ICTs in teaching and learning in teaching education. Applying Engeström’s schema (1987) at three different levels of use of the computer as a cultural tool, three sociocultural accounts, each one reflecting a different design activity for the betterment of teacher learning environments, were constructed. For each, clusters of interactions at the university-school partnership, networked classroom, and virtual collaborative space levels are described. As the history of each activity is presented, key features of the designed learning environments stand out, and trajectories of student teachers, teachers, and schools are highlighted.