Assistance for students with mathematical learning Difficulties : How can research support practice?

Article de revue


État de publication: Publiée (2016 )

Nom de la revue: ZDM Mathematics Education

Volume: 48

Intervalle de pages: 633-649

ISBN: 1863-9704

Résumé: When looking at teaching and learning processes in mathematics education students with mathematical learning difficulties or disabilities are of great interest. To approach the question of how research can support practice to assist these students one has to clarify the group or groups of students that we are talking about. The following contribution firstly concentrates on the problem of labelling the group of students having mathematical difficulties as there does not exist a single definition. This problem might be put down to the different roots of mathematics education on the one hand and special education on the other hand. Research results with respect to concepts and models for instruction are multifaceted based on the specific content and mathematical topics as well as the underlying view of mathematics. Taking into account inclusive education, a closer orientation to mathematical education can be identified and the potential of selected teaching and learning concepts can be illustrated. Beyond this, the role of the teacher, their attitudes and beliefs and the corresponding teacher education programs are discussed.

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