Qualitative Assessment of Mental Health Service Satisfaction: Strengths and Limitations of a Self-Administered Procedure

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État de publication: Publiée (2006 )

Nom de la revue: Community Mental Health Journal

Volume: 42

Intervalle de pages: 233-242

ISBN: 1573-2789, 0010-3853

Résumé: A qualitative procedure based on self-administered open-ended questions was assessed in three psychiatric outpatient clinics in Montreal. Acceptability to clients, mode of administration and convergent validity were evaluated. Comparison with findings from personal interviews demonstrates a lower frequency in responses but similar patterns in sources of satisfaction/dissatisfaction. Scores generated by quantification of responses to one of the open-ended questions presented a significant correlation with a standardized questionnaire (OQOS) administered to 242 psychiatric outpatients. Findings suggest that a self-administered procedure based on open-ended questions could be practical and useful for both formative evaluation and monitoring in environments with limited resources.

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